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Centricity™ PACS with Universal Viewer: Advanced Visualization
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Integrated Registration

Within Universal Viewer, Integrated Registration provides easy comparison of CT, MR, PET, and interventional 3D images with simplicity at its core. It streamlines registration and fusion between volumetric acquisitions from either the same or different modalities, using dedicated protocols or by doing a simple “drag-and-drop” within the core 3D Viewer platform.


OncoQuant  streamlines oncology reading so you can spend less time retrieving studies and preparing exams, and have more time to spend reading and reviewing studies. It automates workflow to facilitate comparisons over time and make follow-up exams more efficient while assessing, characterizing, and measuring findings based on morphologic criteria made simple by the unique follow up wizard.

Autobone Xpress

Autobone Xpress comes with proven zero-click bone segmentation for head, neck, and other anatomy. Autobone Xpress leverages a one or two-click efficient vessel tracking tool with stenosis measurement and plaque analysis capabilities for any vasculature, including the coronary arteries.