Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise1 is a tightly interfaced cardiovascular IT solution that includes both CVIS (Cardiovascular Information System) and CVPACS (Cardiovascular Picture Archiving and Communication System) functionality providing clinicians full access to a single, comprehensive cardiovascular patient record. Centricity Cardio Enterprise features web-enabled technology capable of driving workflow efficiencies and interfacing with your current IT systems. The Centricity Cardio Enterprise solution provides:

  • A single point of access to the full cardiovascular patient jacket from any internet connection.
  • A unified system for your department’s patient management needs, from admission to discharge.
  • A streamlined physician reporting engine capable of auto-routing reports to multiple destinations.
  • A relational database that puts quantitative business data analysis at your fingertips.
  • A comprehensive image management solution built on GE’s vendor neutral Centricity Enterprise Archive platform, offering clinicians a full suite of advanced quantitative measurement tools.

This is a multi-modality, enterprise-wide cardiovascular IT solution that will put you in control. Built to provide connectivity to your various clinical acquisition devices, regardless of vendor, with a web-deployable client, you get near anywhere/anytime2 access to all software functionality and advanced options.

Centricity Cardio Enterprise puts you in control of making critical decisions from virtually anywhere2.

1- Centricity Cardio Enterprise is comprised of  Centricity Universal Viewer and Centricity Cardio Workflow.
2- where there is an internet connection available

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Webinar Recordings

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Listen to David Williams, MD, of Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Kalon Kwyn Leung Ho, MD, MSc of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as they discuss the role of IT in cardiovascular care in patient management, cost containment, workflow, best practices and reporting. 


Centricity Cardio Enterprise Software Integration


Centricity Cardio Enterprise1 helps cardiologists to improve patient care through full clinical access, increased productivity and enhanced financial performance.

1- Centricity Cardio Enterprise is comprised of Centricity Cardio Imaging and Centricity Cardio Workflow.


Enhanced connectivity for total control

GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise provides cardiologists a single point of access to unified patient data, images and reports across multiple modalities, with end-to-end configurable workflows in a multi-site, multi-org context.

Building on GE’s expertise in the vendor neutral archive technology (Centricity Enterprise Archive), Centricity Cardio Enterprise delivers storage, display, and analysis for a complete cardiovascular imaging patient jacket. The solution's web-deployable client allows for flexible access to diagnostic quality images whenever they’re needed, with full system functionality. With workflow automation tools like a web-based scheduling module, inventory management module, and a billing charge capture module, Centricity Cardio Enterprise provides visibility to your cardiovascular clinical environment.

Key Capabilities

Full remote access – Access from virtually anywhere¹
Using advanced streaming software, Centricity Cardio Enterprise can optimize network bandwidth to deliver higher image quality at the highest speed. This allows cardiologists to perform a 3D left ventricular analysis on an echo image, while reviewing that patient’s prior cath and working on the echo report.

Easy customizability
Centricity Cardio Enterprise lets cardiologists configure the look and feel of the system—including patient and exam lists—based on their unique system log-in, providing a consistent user experience regardless of where they access the system. With our user-defined forms, each physician is in control of configuring their reports to reflect their own individual style and narrative, while preserving the integrity of a relational MS SQL database that allows the querying of clinical data elements on demand.

Multi-modality interoperability
As a standards-dependent and vendor-neutral product, Centricity Cardio Enterprise can interface with every major clinical acquisition device on the market. It allows you to leverage your existing device investment without the need for upgrades and replacements. When paired with Centricity Enterprise Archive, GE Healthcare’s dynamic clinical content storage and management system, Centricity Cardio Enterprise is a powerful solution that can help you optimize and simplify cardiovascular image management.

Infrastructure interoperability
The Centricity Cardio Enterprise solution offers unparalleled interoperability to help to ensure compliance with your IT infrastructure. Using standards such as DICOM, HL7, and IHE, you can share data with your HIS/EMR system, an existing PACS, RIS, your physician portal, billing system, and materials management ordering system. This compatibility with your facility’s hardware, software, and protocols means easier implementation, simpler support, and streamlined adoption.

Easy, accurate documentation
Centricity Cardio Enterprise allows you to easily, quickly, and more accurately document relevant information at the various stages of the patient care cycle through configurable documentation forms and menus.

1- where there is an internet connection available


Enhanced patient care with Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise

Centricity Cardio Enterprise's flexible connectivity and cost-saving automation features make it a valuable solution for cardiovascular departments.

> Cardiologists
> Cardiology Administrator
> Cardiology IT Professionals

For Cardiologists

Centricity Cardio Enterprise empowers cardiologists to help enhance patient care through full clinical access, optimized productivity and revenue cycle efficiencies.

Easily and securely access a complete and clinically rich patient cardiovascular record virtually anywhere1,
for more rapid and more informed clinical decision making.

  • Simplified rapid access to a unified cardiovascular patient record
  • Enhanced quality of patient care delivery

Eliminate manual, redundant data entry and tailor workflows for your specific procedures, documentation and
reporting needs to help optimize your productivity while helping to support your regulatory compliance.

  • Simplified physician reporting experience
  • Documentation and reporting efficiencies through robust device integration
  • Time for patients

Accurately capture charges for procedure and inventory for revenue cycle efficiencies.

  • Help ensure physician reports match charge capture records
  • Optimize revenues capture and appropriate reimbursements
  • Optimized on-shelf inventory supplies

For Cardiology Administrators

Centricity Cardio Enterprise offers full clinical access to the complete cardiovascular patient jacket with accurate billing, scheduling, inventory management, and analytics to enable elevated procedure volumes and charge capture at a lower cost of operations.

Centricity Cardio Enterprise Access Benefits

Provide Cardiologists with secure uncompromised, location agnostic access to complete patient cardiovascular
with actionable insights to support your program and resources planning.

  • Statistical queries putting program data at your fingertips
  • Enhanced patient throughput
Centricity Cardio Enterprise Productivity Benefits

Eliminate manual, redundant data entry and leverage configurable workflows for complete documentation and
reporting to support your regulatory compliance. Less time on documentation and more time for patient care.

  • Ensure consistent workflows across single or multiple facilities
Centricity Cardio Enterprise Revenue Benefits

Accurately capture charges and optimize inventory to help enhance revenue realization and lower operational

  • Measurably improve charge capture accuracy
  • Automate inventory ordering processes and lower inventory carrying costs
  • Optimize your resource utilization to enable program growth

For Cardiology IT Professionals

Centricity Cardio Enterprise enables you to leverage your current HIT and devices infrastructure (HIS/EMR) to enable superior patient care at a lower total cost of ownership, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Centricity Cardio Enterprise Access Benefits

Enable Cardiologists to securely access a more complete patient jacket via the Web, agnostic to location, across
multiple systems and devices in a multi-site, multi-org context.

  • Secure, hassle-free information access
  • Simplified image and reports access through your EMR
  • Access to an entire unified patient cardiovascular record
Centricity Cardio Enterprise Productivity Benefits

Eliminate manual, redundant data entry through clinical device interoperability across various vendors and
models relying on industry standards.

  • Leverage industry standards to manage device interoperability
  • Web-deployable and upgradable client that doesn’t require manual step by step installation or upgrades. Manage user profiles and
    preferences centrally from the server
Centricity Cardio Enterprise Revenue Benefits

Integrate with current IT infrastructure (HIS/EMR) across multiple devices, at a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Higher IT efficiency with lower FTEs demands
  • Software only solution that supports virtualization for reduced hardware footprint
  • Leverage GE Centricity Enterprise Archive server vendor neutral archive (VNA) for system wide image storage



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