By unifying and intelligently managing patient images and enterprise content, Centricity™ Clinical Archive (VNA) solution1 gives care teams across the enterprise access to data to enhance their efficiency.

This release of Centricity Clinical Archive includes several new and enhanced capabilities, including:

  • A full XDS architecture that allows external systems to access patient records in a standards-compliant manner
  • New capabilities for storage, management and deletion of images for efficient and cost-effective information lifecycle management
  • A mobile image capture application that allows for ad hoc image acquisition and immediate storage in the VNA, and was jointly developed with University Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)

1-Centricity Clinical Archive includes the following product components: Centricity Enterprise Archive, Universal Viewer ZFP, Caradigm eHIE, Centricity Clinical Gateway, NextGate MatchMetrix EMPI, PACSGEAR PacsSCANTM

Structured for multi-level adoption

Structured multi-level adoption

Centricity Clinical Archive provides both a robust, multi-level vendor neutral archive (VNA) and a core platform for seamless image exchange.

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Centricity™ Clinical Archive consists of a suite of products and services designed to provide an end-to-end solution to our customers. 

The solution consists of

  • A multi-ology, multi-site clinical content repository that enables consolidation of IT infrastructure for archiving and managing unstructured medical content (images, reports, documents etc.) using industry standards (DICOM, IHE-XDS).
  • A diagnostic1 zero footprint viewer, supporting industry standards like DICOM and IHE-XDS for anywhere, anytime1 access to patient images and documents.
  • An IHE-XDS registry that allows external systems to access patient record in a standards compliant manner.
  • Dynamic and static tag morphing capabilities as part of the repository to manipulate content of DICOM tags in a study during archiving or retrieval.
  • Image lifecycle management helping easily create, modify and implement rules to govern the management of imaging studies across the enterprise. 
  • A master patient index to link patient records across organization boundaries.
  • A messaging interface engine to combine workflow systems like HIS and RIS to update the information repository and keep information consistent across systems.
  • A device interface engine to connect non-standard devices and systems to store data in the repository in a standards format.

The service offering includes

  • Solution consulting – Assess the current status and future needs including number and type of departmental systems, IT infrastructure, and processes to provide recommendations for long term sustainable data management and sharing.
  • Implementation services – Professional services to help interface existing departmental IT systems from various vendors with the central clinical information archive, helping to ensure regular consolidation of information (DICOM & non-DICOM). This service also includes the ability to merge the enterprise viewer with the HIS application, helping to provide a consistent single view of patient information.
  • Data migration services – A onetime service to migrate and link existing historical data from the departmental systems to the central information archive.
  • Project management – Professional services to manage the overall implementation of the project to help ensure on-time delivery and help you exceed your quality goals.

1 ZFP is licensed for diagnostic use on desktop devices and for non-diagnostic review on the iPad


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