As radiology departments transform themselves in this era of healthcare reform, they’re seeking IT solutions and process efficiencies that support a culture of accountability. Digital “dashboards” can help enable this accountability by providing real-time operational performance measurements spanning the workflow continuum of radiology. 

These real-time analytics include:

  • Data aggregation from information systems that help you keep up with:
    • patient status prior to scan within and outside radiology unit
    • pending workflow steps across RIS, modality, PACS, and dictation or VR systems
  • Real-time metrics and alerts on emerging delays in the workflow - from physician’s order to patient scan and subsequent interpretation steps
  • Productivity dashboard to help identify operational bottlenecks from aggregated data with a broad set of operational metrics.


Centricity Imaging Analytics Real-time Dashboard helps you visualize the workflow of an entire radiology department in real-time, providing radiology directors, managers, and staff with actionable insights to help optimize radiology operations. Leveraging the data of PACS, RIS, modalities, and other enterprise systems, Centricity Analytics Real-time Dashboard helps deliver actionable intelligence to radiology departments enabling:

  • Shorter wait times for outpatient, emergency and inpatient exams
  • Faster report turnaround times
  • Enhanced resource / scanner utilization
  • Technologist verification in PACS and RIS Completion


Centricity* Imaging Analytics Real-time Dashboard allows your department to see the entire radiology workflow processes. It does this by:

  • A real-time data aggregation engine that correlates events from these disparate sources:
    • RIS
    • VR
    • PACS
    • Modalities
    • HIS
    • Lab
    • Pharmacy
  • A proprietary operational metrics engine that delivers real-time, actionable intelligence which department managers can use to:
    • establish KPIs
    • identify locations and patterns of delays
    • oversee the progress being made toward improving efficiency and productivity
  • Monitoring throughout the department:
    • providing real-time visibility to the workflow — within and beyond the department
    • enabling proactive intervention to alleviate bottlenecks

Customer Value

Help increase technologist productivity by:

  • Identifying delays within and outside radiology
  • Reducing workflow errors by alerting on pending workflow tasks
  • Saving time by providing a consolidated view to workflow inside and outside radiology
  • Displaying patterns of reasons for delays affecting scan completion

Provide radiology directors with actionable intelligence:

  • Providing transparency to the department operations
  • Empowering staff with actionable insights
  • Improving flex staff allocation management
  • Monitoring performance improvement outcomes

Help enhance patient and physician satisfaction:

  • Providing real-time alerts displaying delays in any workflow step
  • Enabling proactive exception intervention
  • Ensuring consistent service delivery
  • Improving scan to report finalization turnaround times



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