With the introduction of Universal Viewer for Centricity™ PACS and PACS-IW, GE Healthcare delivers a powerful unified workspace for radiologists and clinicians. Universal Viewer brings together intelligent tools, enhanced usability and access, advanced visualization and breast imaging to help optimize productivity. Unlike disparate PACS and 3-D systems, Universal Viewer helps to increase efficiency by simplifying information access with a single image repository across 2-D and 3-D studies, enabling holistic oncology and other specialty work flows, with easy access to prior exams.

Centricity PACS offers a proven, scalable imaging IT platform designed to optimize radiologist productivity, enhance physician satisfaction, and interoperate with existing departmental (RIS, dictation) and enterprise (electronic medical records [EMR], VNA) systems. This advanced PACS solution meets the diverse challenges and needs of today’s healthcare institutions with such innovations as single DB Rad/Card, RIS/PACS, native mammography workflow, advanced visualization, web-based clients, EMR integration, DR/BC and high availability, and most recently, mobile access on an Apple or Android enabled device.

Universal Viewer is designed to work with Centricity PACS and Centricity PACS-IW and is available in a virtual environment to help organizations maximize the use of their current data center space.  For more information on Universal Viewer, click here.

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Centricity PACS is one solution offering many benefits

A proven standards-based solution, Centricity PACS is used to interpret 1 out of every 5 exams in the United States with radiologist enjoying these exceptional advantages:

  • Helps increased productivity of radiologists and physicians
  • Enhanced clinical depth with specialized tools including 2D, MIP/MPR, 3D, native mammography and advanced applications for oncology, angiography, cardiology, and neurology
  • Greater radiologist collaboration with web-based and mobile-based clients for Apple and Android devices
  • Better patient experience in ICU, ED and clinics with mobile access to images and reports on Apple or Android devices
  • Adherence to industry standards such as DICOM, HL-7, IHE and XDS
  • Support for IT optimization objectives with VMWare
  • Access to advanced imaging, communication, collaboration tools and exceptional interoperability with department and enterprise systems
  • Protection for databases and stored records from damage with disaster recovery options including offsite storage (ASP) and database replication
  • 24/7 support from expert GE Healthcare teams before, during, and after you implement your Centricity PACS solution


Centricity PACS offers innovative features to optimize radiologist efficiency, referrals, and interoperability across the healthcare enterprise including:

  • Real-time worklists
  • User-configurable hot-keys
  • Hanging protocols that provide access to the entire patient jacket
  • Single-vendor dictation and integration to 3rd party dictation systems
  • Native mammography tools supporting screening and diagnostic workflow
  • Advanced applications supporting MIP/MPR, 3D, PET/CT for oncology and angiography for CT & MR
  • EMR integration providing real-time access to the continuity of care during interpretation
  • Web-based clients for remote diagnosis
  • Mobile access on Apple or Android qualified devices
  • Support for critical results, ER discrepancy and clinical decision support
  • Architecture scalability from a community hospital to a multi-site IDN
  • Single PACS DB to support multiple facilities with disparate RIS systems
  • Support for server virtualization using VMWare
  • Standards-based architecture supporting DICOM, HL-7, IHE and XDS
  • Optional VNA or ability to interoperate with a 3rd party VNA

Customer Value

Centricity PACS provides radiologists with:

  • Clinical tools to increase productivity and reduce report turnaround
  • Real-time worklists to help balance case load
  • Real-time exam statuses that prioritize urgent cases

Centricity PACS helps IT support:

  • Organizational standards and resource initiatives
  • Adherence to industry standards for interoperability and platform support
  • Interoperability with existing departmental (RIS, VR) and enterprise (EMR, VNA) systems
  • Consolidation with infrastructure by leveraging server virtualization

Centricity PACS assures CIOs:

  • Confidence in system scalability and enterprise reach
  • Of a standards-based architecture that allows you to:
    • quickly bring online a new imaging center or acquired hospital
    • consolidate multiple disparate 3rd party PACS into a single Centricity PACS
    • interoperate with a VNA

Centricity PACS helps ED and ICU physicians:

  • Increase their productivity
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Access images and reports on Apple and Android qualified devices enabling:
    • access to PACS images and reports
    • shared images and reports, increasing patient satisfaction
    • increased demand for services due to patient education

Centricity PACS assists PACS Administrators with:

  • Optimized workflows that meet the needs of radiologists
  • A complete set of tools and services to help increase productivity and patient care including:
    • EXCITE—Centricity PACS User Group that eagerly shares best practice advice with others in the healthcare community
    • Web-based tools to enhance system management on a 24/7 basis
    • a wide variety of configuration options available to normalize or customize end-user and system workflow



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