Helping improve both departmental and enterprise-wide radiology productivity, administrative efficiency, and patient care

CentricityTM RIS-IC is a web-based radiology information system (RIS) designed to address your evolving radiology workflow needs. RIS-IC enhances workflow with integration to GE PACS systems. It supports patient-centric workflow management that dissolves departmental boundaries for your entire enterprise. Centricity RIS-IC offers robust features to help increase efficiency and quality of care while providing the service quality level you need to meet the twin challenges posed by a growing demand for complex images and constantly rising operational costs.

Imaging Workflow: Enabling efficiencies in workflow
The Centricity RIS-IC Product team presents enhancements and improvements to help drive clinical excellence, supportability and lower cost of ownership. 


Centricity RIS-IC integrated with Centricity PACS streamlines clinical and administrative workflow in today's hectic radiology departments by helping users:

  • Increase productivity by scheduling enterprise radiology resources and tracking patient status and progress throughout the imaging cycle
  • Save time and effort preparing reports with an embedded reporting tool that improves report turnaround time and reduces transcription costs
  • Utilize IT investments more efficiently by enabling enterprise workflow with robust integration capabilities with Centricity PACS and other systems (HIS, Portals, Web-based Image Viewers, 3rd party PACS, Imaging Modalities)
  • Reduce administrative costs by taking advantage of an electronic, paperless environment. Benefit from proven management reporting functions.
  • Streamline workflows by configuring role-based work lists
  • Enhance the patient experience with a self-service feature that empowers patients and cuts down on their wait time by allowing self check- in and private questionnaire completion.
  • Integrate into your existing HIS order management system


Working with a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations for more than 30 years has given GE Healthcare an exceptional understanding of complex radiology workflow. This company-wide expertise is clearly reflected in Centricity RIS's innovative features:

  • Ability to allow full enterprise or limited access to information to run multiple hospitals and/or imaging center sites across your radiology enterprise.
  • Web-based architecture allows for systems to be scaled down or up to fit the evolving needs of every enterprise
  • Rules-based multi-organizational scheduling allows better utilization of resources for increased cost-efficiency
  • Centricity Precision Reporting is an embedded reporting tool that creates accurate reports by leveraging advanced speech understanding software to record the radiologist's meaning (phraseology), not just the spoken word
  • Critical Results workflow enables automated management of critical results between the embedded reporting tool and RIS-IC during dictation, enabling critical results visibility directly in the RIS worklist
  • Dose management enables visibility to dose measurements per patient exam
  • Patient Self-Service module enables patients to take control of the registration process
  • Electronic forms facilitate a paperless radiology workflow
  • Task-oriented work lists allow management of radiology-related tasks
  • Integrated Mammography Administration module captures information about breast imaging exams and facilitates follow-up recommendations.
  • Image Aware RIS within a RIS/PACS solution, enables access to patient data, reports and images via a pointer within the RIS, removing the need to log into the PACS separately.
  • Modality Worklist functionality enables modalities to query RIS-IC to create a worklist avoiding patient demographic entry errors.

Customer Value

Centricity RIS-IC interfaced with PACS offers a paperless workflow to benefit both healthcare professionals and patients alike:

Offers radiologists:

  • Fast access to clinical information at the point of care to support patient outcomes
  • Enhance workflow with connectivity with Centricity PACS
  • Real-time to data across specialty and procedural lines
  • Connectivity with major radiology IT systems including PACS, diagnostic reporting applications, HIS and more
  • Simplified data entry, allowing more time to read exams and create reports
  • Embedded diagnostic reporting module and critical alert management help ensure accurate record keeping
  • Pre-populated patient data models that include patient history, saving radiologists time and trouble

Helps CFOs:

  • Save time, money, and storage space by removing the need to manage paperwork
  • Convert existing paper documents into globally accessible electronic files, or limit access as needed
  • Promote smart patient matching to help ensure data integrity
  • Create rules-based, multi-organizational scheduling for efficient utilization of resources
  • Streamline radiologist and technologist workflows

Optimizes operations for radiology administrators by:

  • Providing real-time patient and image tracking views for enhanced operational efficiency
  • Enhancing workflow with connectivity to Centricity PACS
  • Reducing lost or delayed patient charges to enhance revenue capture
  • Enabling staff to search across multiple organizations when scheduling appointments
  • Producing a wide range of reports for effective daily operations management
  • Supporting paperless workflow to save time, money, and labor
  • Saving the time and effort of office staff with self-service features for patients
  • Automated report distribution to Referring Physicians

Enhances patient satisfaction with:

  • Patient self-service option that allows them privacy and control of their registration process
  • Reduced patient wait time
  • More clinical information automatically accessible at the point of care



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