EVAR Assist

EVAR Assist

Planning, guidance and follow-up of (T)EVAR cases may be delicate when dealing with complex anatomies. Leveraging pre-operative imaging and planning data during the intervention may be difficult. Under 2D fluoroscopic imaging, (T)EVAR procedures can require a significant amount of contrast media, prolonged radiation exposure, and time. A 3D view of vessels anatomy could help you perform complex interventional procedures. Surveillance of the aneurysm sac with reliable measurements can be a challenge.

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What our customers say

Pr. Haulon and his team use Discovery* IGS 730 and (T)EVAR Assist solutions routinely for every endograft repair. It takes only few minutes to prepare the CT images just prior the procedure for fusion imaging and to align the bony structure with only two fluoroscopy shots acquired in frontal and lateral angulations. Watch Pr. Haulon as he has total control from table-side throughout the procedure and especially to fine-tune the registration and compensate for vessel deformations that may occur after the insertion of the sheath.

Pr. Haulon and his team use Discovery* IGS 730 and (T)EVAR Assist solutions on a daily basis as it as it help provide reduction in contrast media and radiation dose. And he is explaining why. "We've tremendously reduced the contrast volume and radiation dose and it's been now used in my institution routinely for every endograft repair."

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