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MR Echo is designed to allow real time cardiac MR imaging, without need for cardiac or repiratory gating.  Presently, patients have to undergo multiple breath-holds to achieve the “whole-heart coverage” for wall motion and other studies. MR Echo employs a brightblood ultra-fast FIESTA sequence, which virtually eliminates the need for breath-holding.  An intuitive interface enables the operator to quickly scan the heart in any orientation and to save real time images to the browser through bookmarks. Scan & Save mode enables high-resolution heart imaging and enables multiple functional images over many slices to be prescribed and scanned in a single breath-hold. MR Echo auto-calculates total scan time for the number of prescribed slices enabling each scan to be tailored to the patient’s breath-hold capability.   

MR Echo also incorporates time course and myocardial delayed enhancement evaluation imaging within a dedicated cardiac interface.  Time course imaging includes both a high contrast-to-noise ratio FGRE pulse sequence and a FIESTA pulse sequence.  The operator is able to switch rapidly between pulse sequences, which helps reduce the scan time required for a comprehensive cardiac MRI exam.  The “Lock Coverage” feature within MR Echo time course imaging automatically maintains start and end slice coverage despite changes in the patient’s heart rate between rest and stress time-course imaging.  All the pulse sequences in MR Echo are compatible with the AutoVoice feature in multiple languages to aid the operator workflow.

  • Streamlined workflow for structure, function, and tissue viability using high resolution FIESTA Cine, MDE or FGRE techniques
  • Real time enables free-breathing exam for sick & arrhythmic patients
  • Real time assessment of septal motion & pericardial motion under Valsalva maneuver

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