GE Healthcare MR has been supporting SCMR since it was first founded and this year we planned to show you just how important Cardiac MR is to us. As you can see from the renderings on this page, we had planned to unveil a more inviting booth with, for the first time ever, a designated technology pavilion to share our product roadmap with new clinical and technical concepts.

Unfortunately, due to forces out of our control, our exhibit booth hardware never made it to the venue and we ended up with an improvised booth that was considerably less inspiring than the GE team intended.  Consequently, we were unable to fully share those advancements with all of you.

The renderings that you see on this page are meant to provide you with an idea of what we intended for the experience to be like. We apologize that you were not able to see this live at the show.

And while we have your attention, we would also like to  invite you to attend an upcoming webinar introducing a new advanced cardiac post-processing and reporting package: CardiacVX. Please register at http://mrwebinars.gehealthcare.com to receive more information.