Product Overview

StarMap is an acquisition and postprocessing technique that helps evaluate iron content in the heart and liver. Iron overload can be associated with diseases such as thalassemia or hemochromatosis. Multiple echoes are acquired at different TE times for each pixel resulting in images that represent variations of T2* weighting. Post-processing of the images is employed to generate gray scale and color maps of the T2* signal decay across the echoes, which can be useful in the assessment of the presence of iron.

  • Non-invasive hemochromatosis & thalassemia evaluation of the entire organ
  • Multiple TE acquisition with multi-echo Fast Gradient Echo (FGRE)
  • Easy generation of color T2*/R2* map with ReportCard StarMap Analysis or Functool
  • Gating available for cardiac evaluation

Clinical / Economic Papers

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MR Imaging of Iron Overload

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