AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING is an innovative solution that delivers monitored patient waveform data with full detail and sharp resolution to on-the-go clinicians. Combined with the GE Healthcare CARESCAPE* Gateway, AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING allows medical professionals the ability to scroll through the most recent 24 hours of near-real-time waveform data as it is displayed at the bedside, all on a handheld mobile device.


By providing access to near-real-time data, AirStrip helps enable timely physician consultation and increased patient surveillance to aid in delivering enhanced quality of care. It provides seamless and secure access to high quality, visual patient data. And it provides access to this data anytime, anywhere, which can optimize clinical activity prioritization and coordination of care. From the standpoint of the physician, it improves their work environment which can potentially lead to better physician recruitment and higher retention.


With AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING and the GE Healthcare CARESCAPE* Gateway, physicians have mobile access to critical clinical data. This is done by connecting through WLAN or Internet via a high-speed cellular phone data connection. The solution provides access to networked GE Healthcare patient monitors via the GE Healthcare CARESCAPE Gateway, and utilizes existing hospital network infrastructure and workflow. The AirStrip/GE solution also provides password-validated access control and configurable access rights to prevent unauthorized use.


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