From the start, the LOGIQ™ S7 has been designed for the needs of a variety of environments. Now part of the XDclear™ family, it includes GE’s premier probe and platform technology – delivering optimized image quality across virtually all patient body types. 

Multiple applications. Different users. Variety of challenges. The LOGIQ S7 with XDclear easily handles it, delivering the high quality images, ease of use, and specialized capabilities that busy clinicians need. 

From its versatility to its budget-friendly price, the LOGIQ S7 with XDclear is designed for practices with high expectations for both performance and value.

Sensational Performance

Redesigned from top to bottom, the LOGIQ S7 with XDclear supports productivity and ease in workflow.

The LOGIQ S7 with XDclear harnesses GE’s premier probe and platform technology to optimize image quality across virtually all patient body types – with speed and consistency.

  • S-Agile architecture – Enables images of uniform excellence across multiple body types with minimal keystrokes
  • Expanded range of probes – You now get an even wider selection with both E-Series and XDclear probes, GE’s highest performing probes.New probes include:
    • C1-6-D for abdominal exams
    • C3-10-D for pediatric and neonatal imaging
    • S2-5-D for cardiac and vascular imaging
  • Image optimization tools – Automated tools help enhance image quality such as increased contrast resolution and improved border definition
  • Auto TGC – Automatically optimizes image brightness and contrast, enabling excellent image quality while streamlining procedures

Smart Design

Redesigned from top to bottom, the LOGIQ S7 with XDclear supports productivity and ease in workflow.

  • High-Res widescreen display – High contrast, configurable 23'' LCD monitor with LED backlit display mounted on an articulating arm allows user to arrange images and data to meet their needs
  • 10.1-inch touch panel –With a large touch panel, controls are easy to see and manipulate. Smart keys and backlit controls further enhance performance and procedural speed
  • Engineered for cleanability – The near-seamless exterior has fewer gaps, making the system easy to clean
  • Enhanced portability – Small and light-weight, the system easily navigates crowded exam rooms. Power Assist battery backup, wireless connectivity and Bluetooth® printing add to the mobility
  • Compare Assistant – View a prior study – ultrasound, mammography, CT or MR – and current images together in real time via a split screen on the monitor
  • GE Raw Data – Helps shorten exam times by enabling users to quickly acquire data and then apply a wide variety of image processing after the exam

Specialized Capabilities

Well-suited for shared services, the system’s versatility can be extended with a wide range of clinical packages, including B-Flow™, Elastography, Vascular Quantification, B-Steer+, Volume Imaging, and Multi-Modality Imaging Display. Among the new tools available on LOGIQ S7 with XDclear:

  • Fetal assessment tools – Advanced STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation) helps provide a high quality, comprehensive fetal echo examination. Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI) and OmniView helps improve contrast resolution and visualization of rendered anatomy with clarity in any image plane
  • Image exchange via smartphone – The ability to send non-diagnostic images via smartphone and email is a powerful way to enhance both patient and clinician satisfaction
  • Contrast Enhanced Imaging (CEUS) now expanded – Provides a clear picture of lesion vascularity by optimizing the balance between penetration and resolution in the liver and can also be used to enhance the delineation of the LV border in combination with low MI ultrasound contrast agents. Features include contrast timer, dual display, timed trigger and Flash imaging

Clinical Images



LOGIQ S7 with XDclear Ultrasound Probe Guide

  • Date Created: 5/18/2016
  • Document ID: JB38726US

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