Lightweight mobility. Heavyweight ability.

Vivid* i builds on the many innovative features and technologies of the Vivid line with performance, quantitative analysis tools, and a wide range of applications.

Perform robust, comprehensive diagnostic exams.

Get comprehensive, real-time diagnostic results—in any clinical environment.

The versatility of shared service applications helps provide convenience to patient and operator.



Enhanced Productivity. Enhanced Patient Care.

Vivid i gives you:

  • Productivity. Automated options allow for easy acquisition and enhanced image quality through a wide range of applications. 
  • Image Quality Optimization. One touch, optimized image quality for challenging patients. Helps preserve efficient workflow with obese patient populations.
  • Quantitative Analysis. Auto-EF tool for quickly assessing LV function through ejection fraction. Help improve productivity and reach a confident diagnosis.
  • Convenience. Access. Patients and staff benefit as the Vivid i delivers imaging and analysis in a broad range of applications (cardiac, vascular, abdominal, pediatric/fetal, OB and OR).
  • Portability. Laptop size allows you  to take exceptional cardiovascular ultrasound directly to the patient in the clinical environment.
  • Compatibility. A wide range of advanced connectivity options help you streamline your workflow.


Vivid i laptop.

Innovative design that helps improve productivity.

ICE Imaging

Open a new window to the heart.

Vivid i provides exceptionally detailed information with Intra Cardiac Echo (ICE) *** imaging technology.

  • ICE catheters deliver excellent image quality and real-time visualization of cardiac structural anatomy, and therapy catheters to aid in monitoring and guidance during interventional procedures.
  • ICE helps provide an understanding of structural orientation during trans-septal puncture procedures to help you avoid clinical complications.

*** Pending clearance by Johnson & Johnson

Ultrasound Vi ICE product image.

ICE opens a new window to the heart.

Image Quality

Visualize clearly.

The Vivid i uses GE’s TruScan architecture to deliver raw data image quality to cardiac, vascular, abdominal, pediatric/fetal, OB, and OR applications: clearly, efficiently and confidently

Features include:

  • Ultra definition algorithms for speckle reduction.
  • Clarity and Adaptive Reject to help optimize image quality.
  • Ultra-high frame rates.
  • Smart Depth automatically adapts imaging parameters.
Vivid i image quality clinical image.

Visualize clearly.

Quantitative Analysis

Make confident clinical decisions.

The Vivid i provides parametric imaging and quantitative tools, allowing in-depth echocardiographic analysis. Automation helps to provide efficient workflow and productivity in daily use.

  • Auto EF. Utilizes automated, speckle-tracking ROI tool to help assess LV Ejection Fraction. 
  • Tissue Synchronization Imaging. Quantifies LV synchronicity by displaying time-to-peak data in a simple to read red, yellow, green functional image. 
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging and Tissue Tracking. Myocardial Doppler imaging with color overlay on tissue image
Ultrasound quantitative analysis clinical image.

Confident clinical decisions.

Shared Service

Shared service productivity with fast acquisitions and streamlined procedures.

Patient and operator benefit as the Vivid i delivers imaging and analysis in a broad range of applications: cardiac, vascular, abdominal, pediatric/fetal, OB and OR.

  • Transducers. Broad selection of advanced technology transducers, including the 3Sc-RS transducer and the 12S-RS pediatric transducer, which provides a small physical footprint while incorporating acoustic amplification technology.
  • Versatility and Convenience. The versatility of the Vivid i helps supply clinical answers for an aging population in a convenient, efficient manner. 
  • Reporting.  Fully integrated cardiac, vascular and OB/GYN measurement and report packages. Helps improve productivity and reduce documentation time after your patient has left. 
  • Automated Calculations.  Enhance the efficiency of vascular exams with automated calculations.

Ultrasound S6 shared services clinical image.

Shared service productivity with fast acquisitions and streamlined procedures.

Perioperative Care

High-performance, diagnostic and monitoring capabilities for your perioperative needs.

Vivid i meets your OR/Anesthesia needs, including TEE monitoring, regional anesthesia, carotid evaluation, and saphenous vein harvesting through:

  • High-frame-rate image quality, harmonics on all probes, and advanced quantitative imaging.
  • Compact size allows placement on the surgical column.
  • Raw data storage permits comprehensive post-exam analysis.
  • Direct feed of the ECG signal from other monitoring devices.
  • Video feed to slave monitor.
  • Battery operation of up to one hour of scanning and fast system boot-up.
  • Wide-angle visibility, adjustable brightness display and a back-lit keyboard.

Download Vivid i in the OR.

Download the Medical Mission Team Case Study.

Vivid i OR clinical image.

High-performance, diagnostic capabilities for your perioperative needs.


Getting data to the right place, at the right time is crucial.

Network connectivity, patient data security and data management initiatives are vital concerns in the healthcare environment. The Vivid i incorporates a number of flexible options to help optimize data sharing, workflow and productivity in the networked configuration.

At the EchoPAC* Workstation:

  • Seamless , efficient workflow and original image quality is supported with the TruScan “raw data” images at the EchoPAC workstation.
  • Advanced quantitative analysis includes Auto EF, Tissue Velocity Imaging, Tissue Tracking, and Tissue Synchronization Imaging.
  • Clinical report templates available for cardiac, vascular, general imaging and OB.

DICOM** Connectivity:

  • Adherence to DICOM standards for efficient connection to CVPACS and other review or storage systems
  • Transfer includes images and measurements, helping promote workflow efficiency.
  • Wise use of Vivid i processing resources for efficient data transfers while operator continues to use the scanner. 

DICOM viewer: 

  • Efficient exam distribution on CD/DVD with a DICOM viewing application included on the CD/DVD for viewing exam at the destination. 

Insite* Express Connection (ExC): 

  • Enables remote service and training.
  • Helps provide efficient training and problem-solving experiences for users. 
  • Service tools available via remote connection include: Contact GE, Virtual Console Observation, File Transfer, Remote Software Upgrade, Software Reload.

**Third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

EchoPAC clinician viewing two monitors.

Shift analysis and workflow to a workstation.



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