Protect the investment you've made in OEC products.

Our surgical disposables and accessories are designed specifically to help maintain the integrity and quality of your OEC systems. Call 1-800-874-7378 and select option 1 for a catalog or to place an order.

C-arm Drapes


With a well-fitting drape, your C-arm can move freely yet still be protected. Our drapes help keep the environment clean and sterile so you can maintain the highest quality in patient care.



OEC 9900 Elite product in use

Custom Drapes & Covers

Custom Drapes & Covers

Our custom line of sterile drapes and sterile covers for OEC equipment is designed to provide a tight fit with minimal excess plastic for full equipment protection during urology, cardiology, or surgical procedures. Each drape or cover is made of durable polyethylene material for quick and easy clean-ups.


OEC disposable steriquick

Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection

Protect your staff and offer them extra relief from muscle stress and fatigue through innovations in light lead. GE selects lead vendors who offer high quality light lead.

Additional benefits include:

  • Double seamed with added ribbon binding
  • Stronger and longer lasting
  • Specially designed for males and females allowing maximum comfort
  • Aprons are cut higher in the neck and higher in the armhole to provide additional coverage 

The right image at the right dose. Be Brilliant!

OEC Elite & Venue 40

Navigation Accessories

Navigation Accessories

Select from an array of disposables and accessories for use with the InstaTrak 3500 ENT or cranial applications.


Surgical imaging headset

Urology Leg Supports

Leg Supports

All our stirrups fit and function on universal OR side rails and are simple for the OR staff to attach, adjust and remove.


new stirrups

Printer Supplies

Printer Supplies

Why buy film and paper products from GE Healthcare?

  • We're willing to beat anyone's price
  • We supply film/paper needs for Codonics and Sony
  • We ship overnight to meet your product delivery requirements
We offer a wide-variety of Sony and Codonics printer supplies to support your surgery equipment, including paper, ribbons, transparencies, and bluebased film.


OEC disposables and accessories.



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