OEC Service Overview

OEC Service: Flexible Service Offerings to Meet a Wide Range of Customer Needs

Uptime. It matters to you and your patients — it’s important to your financial success.

Your C-arm needs the best OEC service program to maximize uptime year after year. GE Healthcare’s OEC Service is a unique combination of specially trained Field Service Engineers, Clinical Imaging Specialists, Technical Support Engineers and Quality Assurance Specialists… all working together to provide you with a comprehensive OEC service solution.

This is OEC Service:

  • We are 100% specialized in surgery. OEC service engineers receive intense, proprietary instruction (60+ hours annually) plus continuous factory updates and quality tips.
  • 15 average years experience per engineer, which translates into hands-on knowledge that helps with accurate diagnosis and repair.
  • Factory-qualified, tested, and up-to-date parts help maximize your system’s performance.
  • 100% of service reports are monitored and evaluated, helping us continually improve the solutions we bring to customers.
  • 30-minute call back and 6-hour on-site response means we get there quickly.

Whether you’re looking for a full-service OEC contract or on-demand OEC service repairs, it makes good business sense to partner with us to keep your equipment up and running.

That’s OEC uptime you can count on.

OEC Service Contracts

OEC Service Contracts: Service You Can Count On

Missed or Canceled procedures x Revenue per procedure x Days down = Lost revenue.

Why risk downtime? With a GE Healthcare OEC Service contract you can budget for and cap repair costs for the year, prevent surprises, and direct resources to other important places.  At OEC Service, our goal is to respond quickly, fix your equipment right the first time, and keep your machine running. We are continually investing in people, training, and processes to deliver superb service for you.

Full Service Contracts
Our premium full-service contracts include fast response time and uptime guarantees, giving customers the peace of mind of OEM full service capabilities.
Learn more about the hassle-free premium OEC UltimaCare Service Contract.

In-House Partnership Service Offerings
We can partner with your In-House Biomedical Team to provide the expert support you need to maintain your OEC C-arms. Our support ranges from second-call service to assist your staff with repairs, to parts agreements and technical support services that can be customized to your unique needs.
Learn more about the powerful partnerships we can build with an OEC In-House Complete Service Contract.

Help minimize downtime, maximize image quality and improve reliability with OEC Service you can count on.

OEC Parts Concierge Service

OEC Parts Concierge Service: Know What You’re Getting

Factory-qualified, tested, and up-to-date parts help maximize your system’s performance.

Our parts sales specialists offer factory certified OEM parts, along with the technical support you may need to find the right part to repair your OEC equipment. They maintain personal relationships with biomedical teams to provide continued support.

OEC factory-certified parts are inspected to ensure they meet OEC quality standards and software revisions to help minimize DOA’s and other problems that can be caused by using questionably sourced parts.

You can count on:

  • No hassle
  • Next-day delivery

Know what you’re getting with OEC quality parts.

On-Demand Repairs

On-Demand OEC Repairs: Get Back to Caring For Your Patients

Even if you don’t have an OEC Service Contract for your OEC C-arm, more than 160 GE Healthcare OEC Field Engineers stand ready for on-demand service repairs.

Our Field Service Engineers are the only dedicated, GE Healthcare service team in the USA exclusively working on OEC C-arms. They have the training and diagnostic tools to keep your OEC C-arm appropriately maintained and calibrated for long-term performance. 

Their extensive capability and expertise allows us to respond to your needs quickly, fix your equipment, and get you back to caring for your patients.

To contact our OEC service dispatch center, please call: 800-874-7378

Biomedical Training

Biomedical Training: We Bring the Know-How to You

Support your internal clinical engineering department in their efforts to provide first-response solutions.

Experienced OEC Technical Trainers will provide your biomedical engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to properly maintain OEC equipment. The factory training curriculum includes:

  • Hands-on lab with real-life trouble-shooting simulations
  • Planned C-arm maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Power distribution to board-level depth

OEC Training courses are available at OEC Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, or you may request an OEC Trainer to teach at your facility.

To learn more about OEC training and schedule a course, please call Janna Coulter at: 801-536-4891

Uptime is the bottom line.

It matters to you, your patients, and your doctors — it’s important to your financial success.


Our goal is to respond quickly, fix your equipment right the first time, and keep your machine running.


Our service engineering team has great depth — over 15 years of industry experience on average. That hands-on knowledge helps in accurate diagnosis and repair.

Redefine peace-of-mind.

An OEC UltimaCare Service Contract allows you to focus on patient care, your credibility with staff and physicians, and maximizing your business.


OEC Service Downloads

OEC In-House Complete Brochure

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OEC Service Peace of Mind Brochure

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OEC UltimaCare Brochure

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